I’m really, really sorry to those I’ve been rping with and in the verses with me but my muse for Elena has gone poof and no matter what I do, at this moment, I can’t seem to get her muse back. So, this blog will be on hiatus until fall when I hope I’ll be able to get some muse back. 

It’s Been a Long Time {Danny & Elena} 


Danny was planning on meeting up with a good family friend, Elena. Their parents went to school with each other, and they shared a few family dinners as Elena had decided to go to university near by. 

Honestly, Danny was excited to see her again. It had been a while since the last time they saw each other. 

The two planned on meeting up at the coffee shop to catch up. Danny entered the coffee shop, found a table, and sat down. He patiently waited for her, reading over the menu to see what coffee he wanted to have that afternoon. 

Elena had been annoyed with herself that morning as she had first woken up uncharacteristically late and then followed with forgetting her class had switched locations for the day which all served to cause her to be late meeting Danny. However, she did in fact finally make it to the coffee shop, walking in and ordering a coffee as she looked around the room.

Spotting Danny she smiled brightly though internally there was a certain level of dread at the notion of him bringing up the fact that she had found the body near the school since she doubted that detail had gone over his head. She didn’t like blood, or seeing dead bodies and the images that still played in her mind bothered her more then she liked to admit.

Even so, as she moved over to the table she was the definition of peace and happiness. “Hey Danny! Sorry I’m late, it’s been one of those days.” she said taking her seat.


Bonnie slid out of bed and padded to the small kitchenette without turning on the lights, opened the mini-fridge and pulled out the carton of milk to pour herself a glass. She’d just put the milk back and shut the door when she heard… nothing… it was too quiet. This was utterly quiet. The young witch grabbed her milk glass and backed away to her room. It was just a bad feeling, that’s all. Looking through her notebooks and books, Bonnie realised that she forgot her history book in the class. God, she wasn’t herself anymore. Walking downstairs, the redhead noticed that her best friend was acting strange, as well.

Taking the pot of coffee off the heated pad Elena reached up to get a lidded cup, then pouring the hot liquid into the cup she suddenly spilled it yelping as it came in contact with her hand. She had finally become aware of Bonnie in the room and had been started out of her inner musings. “Bonnie I didn’t see you there!” Elena said as she quickly ran her hand under cold water and followed with a towel to the counter to clean up the mess.

There’s going to come a day when we’ve all grown up, had a career, maybe got married and had kids, when were all going about our daily routine. Maybe you’re driving to work with the car radio on, or you’re making dinner with the tv on in the lounge. Life as usual, and then we hear a name. It’s the name of the person you had a blog dedicated to when you were 16. The person you had posters of up on your bedroom wall, or as your desktop background. The person off that show you used to watch every week, as soon as it came out, or that band you used to love. The person from the cast of a movie that changed your life, or the character who you scrolled through page after page of fanfiction of. You haven’t heard that name in a long time, and it brings everything back. And then the name is followed by three words you thought you’d never hear. Has Passed Away. And then you put down the potato peeler and lean back against your kitchen bench, or you pull over to the side of the road, and tears are streaming down your face. And all over the world, there are people who used to be just like you, with tears marking their cheeks and sobs forcing their way out of their throat, because they remember. Because fandoms never really die out. We never really move on. We never really forget.  



I know the world is in the shit hole right now, but things will get better. One day. Somehow. Things can and will get better. just, stay strong, okay? I’m happy you’re still alive and reading this. Stay alive to see a better day.


Song: I'll Stand By You
Artist: Cory Monteith
Album: Glee Season 1
Played: 160,909 times

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson on Glee). He was a promising actor whom has died too young. 

Found You || Stefan & Elena 

A bitter chill cut through the evening air, the light of the moon casting shadows across the quarry and coupled with the growing fog caused the area to have a haunting look. Haunting.. haunted.. this had been Elena’s state for the last few weeks as an intense feeling dig deeper and deeper into the pit of her stomach. At first she had brushed it off as still being on edge following the events with the veil and Silas, her having a subconscious inability to believe that things could really be falling into a somewhat normal routine over summer but then as time past she knew it had to do with Stefan, that something had happened, something terrible and she had not rested, both metaphorically and to an extent literally until Bonnie had confirmed Stefan’s whereabouts. Or at least what they believed him to be. They would not put it past Silas to have this be a trick to release him.

Elena paced the shoreline, wind blowing though her hair and the large cliff face towering over her as Damon went under the water, the others with Bonnie not that far away. However everything was lost to her the moment Elena saw the safe pop above the water, her running out into the water uncaring if she became drenched and not even waiting for him to get the safe ashore before she had turned the right combination. There was no doubt in her mind that Stefan was in there, she knew, she felt it. Opening the safe as Damon held it Elena gasped at the sight of Stefan tears staining her eyes as she worked to pull him out accompanied by Damon as he had allowed the safe to drop back into the depths of the quarry. “Stefan? Stefan?” She questioned as they laid him on the sand. “Come on, you have to wake up, please… Damon he’s not.. he can’t be dead.. I’d know.. He can’t be. Stefan wake up! You need to be alright, I need you be to ok, Stefan please.” She cried because by now she held no control over herself, she was panicking, distressed even as she began to press on his chest in a CPR fashion to expel the water from his lungs. Would he wake up when the water was gone?

Elena walked out of her room, the picture of style and perfection, with a few of her books in her hands ready to start another day of classes. As she went about making a cup if coffee in the large dorm she appeared calm and happy though admittedly absentminded as she had failed to notice Bonnie come out of her own room. There was no talk about resent events or even the fact that she had been the one to find the second body as she didn’t want to think about it. However to the well trained eye of a friend it would be no secret that Elena was on edge and covering it up with her ‘calm and in control’ facade.

"So let me get this straight, there’s a bunch of teenage werewolves, some.. Alpha Pack or whatever Meagan was talking about, a serial killer, and some strong power causing all the animals to go crazy all in the same town we conveniently decided to go to college in?" Elena asked, though her question was more rhetorical then anything. They had dealt with their fair share of craziness before but this was like all her worst nightmares wrapped up in one and she was beginning to see her friends getting pulled into it what with Bonnie being close with Meagan and the girl dragging Bonnie into all this town’s wolfy drama and she couldn’t quite shake this feeling, in the pit of her stomach, that something even worse was coming

Lost in her own thoughts for a moment Elena snapped back to reality as a thought suddenly hit her and she became visibly uncomfortable with the thought. “Do you think it’s one of them, the Old Ones coming after us for killing Klaus? The animals.. the deaths.. it just seems like we’ve been through this story before Damon.”



Charlotte, The Old One

So here’s how this works. This lovely, lovely person is not another TVD OC with Nina’s face. Now if you peasants would actually read shit before sending hate then you would know she’s from the books, and considering that Elena and Katherine in the books are blonde I fail to see a big problem here.

Also, when she does RP in the show series her FC changes to Lucy Griffiths and then she takes the place of Rebekah. It’s this whole thing. Wow. Go read a bio so you don’t seem like an idiot. If that bothers you I suggest you shut up and mind your own business instead of being a dick about it.

No one is forcing you to RP with her. If it is seriously that big of a deal for you then just leave it be. Don’t follow. Don’t RP. But sending hate and shit just makes these kinds of situations worse. Lol this fandom is just full of hate so I’m not sure why any of us would ever expect any different. Can we all just go about our lives now and do what we’re here to do instead of acting like children? Yes? Okay. Cool.

In which I’m fiercely protective of my friends. So yeah. Have a nice day.